Dec 6, 2017
The Glass Castle: Blu-ray/DVD Extras
The Glass Castle

The Glass Castle is out and you can get it in Digital HD from  iTunesAmazon and Google Play. The Glass Castle DVD and Blu-ray was released on November 7, 2017.

Our gallery was updated with screencaptures of deleted scenes and a special video about the transformation of the memoir into a movie.

BRIEBR015.jpg BRIEBR016.jpg BRIEBR057.jpg BRIEBR064.jpgBRIEBR014.jpg BRIEBR021.jpg BRIEBR023.jpg BRIEBR024.jpg
BRIEBR005.jpg BRIEBR016.jpg BRIEBR021.jpg BRIEBR027.jpgBRIEBR0010.jpg BRIEBR0084.jpg BRIEBR0110.jpg BRIEBR0242.jpg